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WLSE Location map question

I just completed an install of 13 AP's and a WLSE. I have the floor plans in with the locations of the AP's on it. Looks like everything is working, I havent doen teh client walkabout yet, and that may be what needs to be done to answer my question. This is my first WLSE installation, so I am not 100% sure of what needs to be done.

What I have is all the AP's are red. Shouldnt they be green? From what I understand, the WLSE should adjust the power outputs of the radios to prevent interference from each other, is that correct, or is that a different device? I think these are red because of interference, and wonder if the walkabout will resolve it. I am scheduled to do it tomorrow afternoon now that I have the power injectors for the last two AP's, and the VLANs resolved and firewalled.


AP icon color is just to give the user a visual indication telling him that there may be one or more active P1 Fault in the display fault screen on WLSE. You can goto the display fault screen, look at the fualt and determine the corrective action to clear it. The icon would then turn bak to green indication that there are not active faults for that device.

As for the Radio Management, this is the sequence:

- Configure WDS and make sure that the WDS is authenticated with WLSE

- Discover and do the AP Inventory

- Turn on Radio Monitoring on the AP

- Run AP Radio Scan,

- Do Client Walkabout followed by RPG calculation. You can refer to the WLSE docs for more details on this. There is Assisted Site Survey Wizard in Location Manager which you can use to perform all these tasks starting with the radio scan in the correct order.

That is what I thought. I am doing the walkabout this afternoon. This should resolve the interference issues that are causing all the AP's to be red. I think currently all AP's are at full power.

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