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Prasan Venky

WSM module configuration

Dear All,

I have attached WSM module to the Cisco 3702E ap. I have few questions on the configuration.

1) AP should be in which mode? I have ap currently in Flexconnect mode. should i need to change to Local? 

2) What i should do to enable the WSM i have attached ? How to find whether it is working properly or not?

3) What will happen with the AP in monitor mode having WSM module? Because i tested like that but not getting any WIPS alerts ?

 Quick response is really anticipated & appreciated.

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

The WSM can work attached to a local or FlexConnect access point?  Make sure the module is tighten down properly and also make sure that your supplying enought power to the AP:

Configuration for the AP3600 WSSI Module

There is no configuration for the WSSI module needed. The module automatically scans all channels on both bands using its 0x4 (receive only) 0 Tx Antennas x 4 Rx Antennas. 

Note that the WSSI module is only active on AP3600s configured in either Local Mode or FlexConnect Mode. The WSSI module is disabled in all other modes. 

Power Requirement for the WSSI Module

The AP3600 with a WSSI module installed exceeds 15.4 Watts (802.3af). The AP requires either (802.3at - PoE+), Enhanced PoE, a local AC power supply, or the Cisco PoE injector (AIR-PWRINJ4).


  • Enhanced PoE was created by Cisco and is a forerunner to 802.3at PoE+. It provides up to 20W of power.

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Thank you very much. When i tried to detect the hotspot i created, WSM module ap is not detecting it. Whereas other ap which doesn't have WSM module that just has WIPS as submode is detecting it. 

So only i just need to know how to check whether it is working properly or not?

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