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BFD on ASR9000

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I have to configure a bfd session between my ASR and a Firewall, over a BGP session.

but after configuration i ca't even see the configured session when doing a "show bfd session".

by reading some cisco docs, i've seen that BFD can be configured onlu on point to point eBGP session, my ASR and Firewall have an eBGP point to point session but they belong to the same confederation (perhaps BFD see it as iBGP session)

Thanks for Help.

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David Powers
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I suspect your assesment of this problem is correct. BFD is supported for the non multi-hop EBGP sessions only. When you

peer to a router in another AS within the confederation the session is marked as a "special" EBGP sessions and is treated as an  iBGP peers.

I was not able to find TAC cases in which this was a requirement or was seen. It's likely because we don't see confederations used often.

If this is an important feature for you or your customer I suggest that you open a TAC case or discuss with your account team if support for this feature can be added.