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Cisco - Adoption - Webex Calling (wait, or is that Webex Calling App?)

Here is an adoption issue:


If I want to sent that link to end users, I have to somehow explain to them that they should only look at the links that do not have "Webex Calling App" in the title (as we use the "Webex App". Could this site not have a simple update providing two simple buttons: Webex Calling for End Users and Webex Calling App (Standalone, or such) that concatenates the relevant articles for each potential user group. Instead, I'll have to either provide a list of separate links, which will inevitably end up with a user clicking back into something non-applicable, or write my own document.


Please, make it simple.

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hi @Stephanie Knoop (ePlus) ,

Thanks for posting this here in the community. Sending this to some of our internal Webex Calling teammates for review. Continue to be vocal here in the community, it helps me help you. Have a great Friday. 

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Hi, Cole.

Just checking in here to see if you got any internal feedback on this topic. Thank you.

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hi @Stephanie Knoop (ePlus) ,

Our internal team got back to me this morning. Sorry for the delayed response, but their response was the following:

"Here are some action steps we plan to take:

1. Rework the Webex Calling page to remove the Calling App section and add a Get Started for Users section

2. Add content to help users identify which Calling experience they have so they can be certain they're looking at the right articles

3. Create a getting started article for users with a clearer task workflow similar to what the submitter requested

Please note that there is a similar article for users of the calling experience in Webex App here:

This article identifies what the user should initially do to get started with the WxApp. there's then a separate tab to identify specifics for Calling within the Webex App."

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