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Configuring a Disk Error-Handling Method

Jan Rockstedt

Hi all,

We are seeing more and more problem with the failed disk's for 274 and 574.

674 is ok.

I dont know if it as something to do with the 4.4.3.

Any other who have this kind of problem?

Found this setting "Configuring a Disk Error-Handling Method"

The help is saying:

Note Configuring and enabling disk error handling is no longer necessary for devices that support disk hot-swap. In WAAS 4.0.13 and later, the software automatically removes from service any disk with a critical error.

What model is not using hot-swap?

Regards Jan Rockstedt

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Patrick Moubarak

Hi Jan,

We have seen several failures in 574 disks but no 274, 474, 674 or 7341 disk failures yet.

We are running software version 4.3.3

When a disk fails, WAAS automatically stops using it (takes it out of service) and displays the following in show disks details:

disk01: Not present or not responding  (*)

(*) Disk drive won't be used until replaced.

I don't think that you need to configure any Disk Error-Handling Method since it is done automatically now. I am not sure what happens when a 274's disk fails since there is no RAID but I'm guessing that everything goes in passthrough.

WAVE-274, WAVE-474 are the desktop models and do not use hot swap; they also do not offer any disk redundancy or RAID. Not sure if other models are also like that.

Hope this helps,


Hi Jan,

Patrick is right. WAVE 274 adn WAVE474 does not have hot swap / RAID 1 disks. Any disk failure in these units will need to replace the whole unit.

Further, during the disk failure, you will see messages like:

No directory /local/local1!
Logging in with home = "/".
System Initialization Finished.
Disk based software not installed.
Some applications may not run correctly!
EDGE#sho disk det

Physical disk information:
  disk00: Not used  (*)

(*) Disk drive won't be used until replaced.

Mounted file systems:
 MOUNT POINT      TYPE       DEVICE                SIZE     INUSE      FREE USE%

No RAID devices present.

Disk encryption feature is disabled.

At this point, WAAS will do TFO optimizations but no DRE due to non-availability of disks / storage.

You will also see other alarms on CM managing WAE as well.

Hope this answers your question.

PS: Please mark this as answered, if this answers your question.

Thank you for your replies.

Please explain why there is an issue on the disk for the WAE-574?


Hi Jan,

WAVE 574 has raid-1 disk configuration.

WAVE 574 does not have hot swappable disk drive.

About the disk issues, not sure what exactly ou mean by various disk issues but for any devices, disks are one of the critical mechanical component. Hence, the failing rate of disks will be much higher compared to NIC / power supply failure.

You may want to open a TAC case to see if there is a behaviour in your environment which is causing the disk failure frequently.


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