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GSS / DNS Issue - Unable to round robin / fail over to DR devices.

Stephen Carter
Level 1
Level 1

OK, i have a problem and an wondering what the best solution is.


Issue - We have 4 servers, A,B,C and D. They all between them run / support a website


On the GSS, we want to have them in the following answering pattern - 


Request to >  goes to either A or B (round robin) then if both A and B are offline then the request goes to C or D (round robin).


Would anyone have any ideas as to how to configure this as i been thought most of the balancing options and just can't get it to work, i know it's a bit of a long shot as the device is out of support etc but any help will be gratefully received.



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Arne Bier

Not sure if this NAC forum contains any Load Balancing experts. Have you tried to find the Admin/Config Guide online?


If I recall, on the F5 LTM for example, you'd put server A and B into one pool, and C and D into another pool. And then set a rule that Pool 1 needs to have at least 1 active server, or else the LTM will fail over to Pool 2. Each Pool needs to be actively monitored by the LTM via some kind of ongoing probes (e.g. ICMP or TCP connections)

Many thanks for the reply, apologies but I think I solved it by applying a larger 'hit' number - sorry it's a few years ago, anyway I seem to remember doing that and that's what fixed it.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Moving this to Cisco Community > Technology and Support > Data Center > Application Networking forum.

This is not an access control question.