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WAAS Software Upgrade via CLI

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Since I got stucked a couple of times to upgrade a WAE in accelerator mode via the WAAS CM, I'm wondering which is the best way to do this manually via the CLI. The WAE is located via a VSAT connection, which is usually not that stable, so the CM is always showing "pending". There seems also not any "force" option to override the "there is an upgrade allready running" (which is obvoiusly not, since days ;-). I've had a look at the CLI manual and found copy and install. How can I use this to upgrade the WAE via CLI? Any hints or things to keep in mind while doing this remotely?

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Level 1

Just found it: copy install

Another procedure that I have used in past to upgrade via cli is as follows

1) Download the WAAS bin image from cco to your computer
2) Ftp to the wae (assuming that you have the following command enabled
on your wae "inetd enable ftp")
Also make sure when you are ftping from the command prompt on your Desktop to the wae's ip you are on the same
directoty path on which the WAAS bin image is present on your Desktop. 3) Put the WAAS bin image on the wae using the ftp put command( make sure the ftp transfer is in binary mode) 4)Verify if the image is present on the wae , telnet to the wae, cd to /local1 and type dir and you should see the bin image 5) Next type install 6) Reload the wae 7) Log in and check the sh ver output on the wae

The above procedure basically downloads the bin image on the wae from your desktop, and after the upgrade you can delete the WAAS bin image by

entering the delfile file name.



Thanks aidacruises. That definitely helped me. Rated as 5!

I need to downgrade a WAE 7541 from the CLI as my CM is on an earlier version so I cannot do it from the CM.  Does anyone have the process/ procedures for this?

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Level 1

The VSAT connection is not the most stable, and the CM is consistently stuck in "pending" status, preventing the upgrade. Strangely, despite no active upgrades, it keeps insisting there's an ongoing process. Frustrated with this, I'm considering a manual upgrade via CLI using the "copy" and "install" commands. Has anyone else faced a similar situation, and can you share insights or tips for a successful manual upgrade, especially when dealing with remote VSAT connections? Your expertise would be immensely valuable right now!