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Preposition doesn't start


Hi, I'm trying to setup a preposition for a huge content (50 GB) but it doesn't work. CM says process is in progress, but nothing happens in the core WAE (not even in the Edge WAE).


CM version 4.3.1

Core WAE: 4.1.7, License Status: Enterprise, Video

In the CM I see the preposition status (after stoping and starting it):

esplpawae806 Mon Jan 17 16:21:21 CET 2011 31.319584 [min] 0.0 [bytes] In Progress

In the configuration I have:
CIFS Use legacy WAFS transport mode: disabled
Total Size as % of cache volume: 50   
No max file size
min file size 20 kB
No duration.
Type: all files
Location NNNN (where NNNN is a location with a single WAE that is placed near the file server).
We have configured the server, password, etc. correctly.
We have one edge device (esplpawae806)
In the core WAE (the one assigned to NNNN):
esplpawae801#sh statistics connection opt epm
Current Active Optimized Flows:                      39
   Current Active Optimized TCP Plus Flows:          39
   Current Active Optimized TCP Only Flows:          0
   Current Active Optimized TCP Preposition Flows:   0
Current Active Auto-Discovery Flows:                 8
Current Reserved Flows:                              10
Current Active Pass-Through Flows:                   0
Historical Flows:                                    542
esplpawae801#                    show accelerator cifs
Accelerator     Licensed        Config State    Operational State            
-----------     --------        ------------    -----------------            
cifs            Yes             Enabled         Running   
   Policy Engine Config Item            Value              
   -------------------------            -----              
   State                                Registered         
   Default Action                       Use Policy         
   Connection Limit                     1500               
   Effective Limit                      1490               
   Keepalive timeout                    5.0 seconds
If I made a "show run" in this WAE I don't see any preposition lines. From what I undestand it should have some lines configured from the CM.
What I'm making wrong?
Thanks in advance.

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