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SPA122 Known Issues


Does anyone has a full list of known issues of SPA122 both in current and history? Thanks.

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Dan Lukes

Well, yes, Cisco have it. But it doesn't mean it can compile such list even in the case the Cisco is willing to do it.

Thanks for answering. I am posting this because we are facing some very wired issues which I can not find in any firmware documents. I am curious about the reason causing those issues is firmware related or provisioning related. 

Compile specific question instead of "catch all" generic one.

Philip D'Ath

That is going to be based on the firmware version you have installed.  Probably easiest to go to the release notes of the specific version you want that answer for.

Release notes lists neither complete list of issues solved by particular release nor list of known issues. It lists carefully selected subset  of it only.

It even doesn't mean it list most important (un-)solved issues. It list issues the Cisco is willing to confess their existence.  

Mentioning "Release notes" in answer to "full list of known issues" question needs to be qualified as dangerous desinformation (so sorry I'm saying it).  

Brandon Svec
Rising star
Rising star

I agree, you should ask a specific question and tell us about your issue to see if someone can help.  Besides that you can call Cisco, dig through release notes and forums and sign up for notifications on the product.  I just got one this morning like this:

Known Bugs - SPA122 ATA with Router

Alert Type:


Bug Id:



ATA190 - consult transfer no ringback when early-media call established




3 Moderate


No ringback tone during transfer on ATA190

-call flow : ATA190 (SIP) -> CUCM -> IPPhone (SIP)
1 - ATA190 call IPPhone A registered on same CUCM
2 - IPPhone A do a blind transfer to another IPPhone B also registered on CUCM
-During Transfer, ATA does not hear ring back tone. Same call flow with caller on IPPhone is OK.(ring back is heard)


Further Problem Description:
*After completing the Blind Transfer, the CUCM disconnect the ATA CI and the MOH CI:

16:16:50.230 |ARBTRY-ConnectionManager- wait_AuDisconnectRequest CI(43518185,43518189),disconnectType(0), IFHandling(1,0)|2,100,63,1.14603583^^*

*However the CUCM stored the ATA CI and did not send any signaling to the ATA, until the voicemail answered the call, so it connected both CIs:

16:17:03.937 |ARBTRY-ConnectionManager-wait_AuConnectRequest(43518185,43518193)|2,100,63,1.14603624^^*

Last Modified:


Known Affected Releases:


Known Fixed Releases:

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Just note the subject claim SPA122 ATA with Router but body is dedicated to ATA190 issue. While ATA190 is very different beast from SPA112 ...

Good catch.  Apparent miscategorization by Cisco.  Maybe ATA190 section has bug reports on SPA122 :)

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SPA1x2 is SMB product "supported" by SMB support center (their tickets have just numeric id; no public interface to access them; never appear in bug notifications) while ATA190 is "mainline" product with true support provided by TAC with ticket id in the form of CSCxxNNNNN (some of them may be claimed accessible for public and/or may appear in bug notifications).

ATA190 and SPA112 share neither support department nor bug ticketing system.

I suspect more complex issue than just "miscategorization".

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