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Cisco TSP (TAPI) - No DND status change notifcation if softphone goes out of service and comes back in service




I am using Cisco TSP (TAPI) on windows platform for CTI integration with Cisco platform.


I am monitoring softphone (Cisco Unified Client Services Framework) via Cisco TSP (TAPI). This soft phone is linked with my end user who is using Cisco Jabber for presence and call control.

Now end user login the Cisco Jabber and enable the DND. I get the notification from Cisco TSP (TAPI) that DND is enabled which is correct.


Now end user signs out from the Cisco Jabber. Cisco TSP (TAPI) notifies that soft phone has gone out of service.


End user log back in from the Cisco Jabber and sees that DND has been turned off and Unified Communication Manager Administration also tells the same that DND has been turned off from the soft phone.


Cisco TSP (TAPI) now notifies me telling that soft phone has come back in service but I cannot see any notification from the Cisco TSP (TAPI) telling that DND has been turned off.


This leaves my application showing incorrect DND status.


My question is that if device/softphone goes out of service and comes back in service then should application expect Cisco TSP (TAPI) notifying the latest phone status (if it was changed during out of service time) or not? If yes then why it is not coming. If it is not then what is the best way of obtaining the latest status?




Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

My understanding is that Jabber/CSF devices do not officially support DND (checking on my v12 lab system).  It sounds like it may be partially working, but without full testing/support there may be issues (as you have apparently observed...)

Same behaviour is noticed when test is run with desk phone without involving Cisco Jabber.


Set the DND on the desk phone




Un-plug the phone and wait for it to go out of service


Cisco TSP (TAPI) notifies that deskphone has gone out of service


Go to the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Administration and turn off the DND from the desk phone


Plug back the desk phone and wait for it to come back in service


Cisco TSP (TAPI) notifies that desk phone has come back in service


But there is no intimation that DND has been turned off from the Cisco TSP (TAPI).

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