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どちらの掲示板が一番ベストなのか不明でしたので、恐縮ですがこちらを選択させて頂きました。 また、専門ではないので用語が間違っている部分もあるかも知れません。 ご質問頂ければ確認させて頂く事は可能です。   【質問内容】 大阪の固定電話から、東京の市外局番03で発信を出来ないでしょうか? 東京も、大阪も、いずれもNTTの光回線ですが、東京はNTT東日本、大阪はNTT西日本で契約をしています。   以前、CISCOではない電話を導入している時には、この様な事が実現できていたのですが、CISCOに変わ...

Daiju by Level 1
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Hi, How can I configure a soft key on Cisco 9951 for my below requirement: When any (internal or external) call is ringing on Cisco 9951 IP phone, I should be able to press a key to reject or decline that particular call on Call Manager Express 10.5....

There is a guide from Cisco saying what phones are supported by TAPI

Hello,I've seen multiple references to JTAPINotificationPort=2789, which is being opened on the JTAPI client side, as well as its description: "This field specifies the Port through which the JTAPI parameter changes are communicated to JTAPI applicat...

Hi,i am trying to use CTIPort as Monitor Initiator rather than IP phones. I believe CTIPort can be used. I get error as below. Please advise. 2018/05/30 10:08:06.457 EDT,INFO,Call event: 108, State: ACTIVE, Cause: CAUSE_DEST_NOT_OBTAINABLE, Addr: 514...

KasMay by Level 1
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Hi Guys,I am wondering if somebody can provide me with a sample TCL script to be used in incoming dial-peer for SIP calls redirect on my CUBE gateway. I.e. I need to send SIP 3xx to ITSP, so they will redirect or divert this call accordingly and with...

My system is on windows 7 64 bit opearting system, and have used atapi dll in my dot net application to implement  atapi api.I have used  ATAPI Wrapper  of vesrion 1.4.0 will it create any issue?Or should I use atapi 64 bit? If yes then What would be...

Hello,working on a C890 Software (C890-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.6(3)M1 I am facing a strange issue when trying to record both legsI am using an outgoing dial-peer to start a tcl script which dials an external number and conferences the 2 legs.When ...

A C by Level 1
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Hello,     I have been going over the JTAPI documentation and see how to make calls, however I am trying to specifically "make" a call from an already existing terminal on a users computer by a single click of a button. The user doesn't have access t...

Hello, I've found a fair amount of documentation that covers TCL scripts that reference elements/values of ISDN messages, but I cannot seem to find a specific example of a TCL script that captures the value of the UUI field. Does anyone have an examp...

majszakm by Level 1
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Hi,I have created CTIPort in CUCM and able to get it in JTAPI code. Can some one tell me when and where to invoke setRTPParams ?.  Though i listen in CiscoMediaOpenLogicalChannelEv nothing happens.  CTI Port is in registered state.Thanks in Advance.

KasMay by Level 1
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