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Hi All -   I'm receiving "%SMART_LIC-3-EVAL_EXPIRED_WARNING: Evaluation period expire.." in my log messages on my Cisco 4431 router.  We aren't using a Smart Cloud manager.   Will it cause any issues if I just run  "no license smart enable" and reboo...

The_B by Beginner
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Ok now that is avail as well as 6.3.0-84; is it more prudent to upgrade to either of those or backtrack to or lower? Currently only is on FMC. We have experienced the bug a few times now. Also adjusted the File policies for HT...

Lukaszoo by Beginner
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Facing issue in ACS - verion error email recieving - fro acs EXport request process dfailed due to internal error   no scheduled reports in acs.but recieving this error     log showing     Feb 03 2019 00:01:11

error.jpg error 2.jpg

We have current CUCM setup and IT security team has raised one Bug CSCvc21606.   Current CUCM version:   I have gone through this document:   Could you please suggest how to fix...

Anyone who has 11.6 running, can you please clarify the behaviour? EXAMPLE: Supervisor is prime for the Sales team and an alternate for the Service team. Under Manage Team, they can see and manage agents of both Sales and Service teams. With this cha...

Please provide more detail on this Bug.  The Bug details state that Cisco Prime Network Control System Version 3.5(0.0) is affected, and it is fixed in Version 3.5(0.0).  There are the same versions! Also, is this Cisco Prime INFRASTRUCTURE?  "Networ...

knadsady by Beginner
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I found message on " show platform crashdump" before device reloaded itself  || switch running with "cat4500e-lanbasek9-mz.152-2.E8.bin"      %C4K_SWITCHINGENGINEMAN-4-VFETQINTERRUPT: FATAL ERROR - VFE TQ dblStatusParErr interrupt. valid: 1 addr: 0x2...

Please note that this _MAY_ be due to failed eUSB (flash) device. Have a look at the system messages (dmesg | grep sdb)  and check if the OS reports any bad blocks. This command (in expert, aka linux shell) will immediately show if ANY disk is mounte...