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CSCue51812 in 8.0.140?

My customer is interested in upgrading from 8.0.135 to 8.0.140.   Checking the release notes, CSCue51812 (band select problems is listed as open,but the bug detail info shows it as fixed in 7.2.  Is this a typo, or did the bug re-emerge?  Band select...

CSCvb67761 - UCCX 11.x Live Data Streaming Source Offline after and maxThreads exhausted on port 9443

UCCX 11.x: Live Data Streaming Source Offline after 'maxThreads' exhausted on port 9443 We rely on the Agent State Detail reports and need them back. Any updates on when a E...

Joey Gore by Beginner
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CSCuj78368 - shelfmgr needs to set card state upon CBC reset and power budget

Hi, I have the same issue in this article I am running iosxr 4.3.4, I installed 5.4.3 version but I still have : 0/0/CPU0        ASR9001-LC                BRINGDOWN       ...

Cisco-Hta by Beginner
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New feature implementation

Customer perception is that if a connection attempt is made it should be logged in the connection events or in SYSLOG. It seems that neither is happening, so it is impossible to track the connection for trouble shooting access policy. Essentially he ...

gannunzi by Cisco Employee
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