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This URL talks about a vulnarability with IOS code. what is not clear is the following:Under the section "Software Versions and Fixes" look for "12.2SE". ...

TomTinsley by Beginner
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Hi,I know that the bug is fixed, but when I´m trying to configure the CoPP-Logging stuff under NX-OS 5.2(5) I do not see any kind of logs even if the policy is already dropping the traffic.Config is:policy-map type control-plane copp-system-policy   ...

Hello all,The "fixed-in" versions for this bug are listed below;Fixed in:                          (5)9.0(0.98000.74),9.0(0.98000.21),8.6(4.98000.21)8.6(2.21023.1),1.9(9.98000.16)But the bug is related to firmware and the "fixed-in" versions look lik...

Rob Huffman by Hall of Fame
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Hi guys,Now I want to list up the possible affected bugs on the current IOS version my corp are using.Then can I just pick up the current IOS version,and choose"Known Affected Versions" on bug tool kit ?Or should I check out the all IOS vers above th...

What are the affects of bug CSCtk54201? I have a 4506e that keeps hanging/rebooting. It's running cat4500e-lanbasek9-mz.122-53.SG2.bin, on a SUP6L-E 10GE. Any info would be appreciated.

dasmith58 by Beginner
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