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We have had this error now happening twice with CUCM 11.5 and our Auto Attendant and Client are also 11.5. I was able to clear the error after I rebooted the server. The solution provided here is to add the user device under the "application users" b...

crahbari by Beginner
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Is anyone seeing this fixed in 10.1(1)? In testing, VxLAN traffic towards type 5 external routes is now passing between VPC peers without being dropped on a Nexus 9300. This is still broken on a 9300v, but may be a limitation of the virtual router. T...

Matt63 by Beginner
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Which OID are we to block? I tried several different ones and I'm still getting these log entries.I've tried:snmp-server view BUG_CSCvq01185_WORKAROUND entSensorValueTable excludedsnmp-server view BUG_CSCvq01185_WORKAROUND entSensorValueEntry exclude...

mr-blt by Beginner
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Same issue in ISE2.7 (P3)% Creating backup with timestamped filename: ISE_Operational_Backup-OPS10-210319-1418.tar.gpg% backup in progress: Starting Backup...10% completed% backup in progress: starting dbbackup using expdp.......20% completedttBulkCp...

Greetings Cisco Team, do you know if there are any plans to resolve this bug of not being able to Share content in the Webex App while simultaneously on a Webex Call with 8800 series phones?  This is forcing our users to open up MS Teams to share con...

Hello to the community! I know that the best design for a GETVPN architecture is with at least two KS, but due to a specific problem here at work, I will set up an infrastructure with only 1 KS. The question is, when KS is unavailable, and GMs are un...

Hi guys, I have an issue when I'm trying to connect to a VPN. The host side won't receives the serial number of my Mac, the device id parameter is not sent.  This line is missing:DAP_TRACE: = "my bios id" I'm using:Cisco AnyConnect...

Platform C9300-48U, failed while in production in a stack with C9300-24S. When power cycled the C9300-48U, it returned to switch promptattempted reboot with the boot path failed may times:switch: boot bootflash:cat9k_iosxe.16.11.01.SPA.bin.throwing t...

sisir_roy by Beginner
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