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Jimena Saez
Community Manager
Community Manager

We are pleased to announce the June winners and congratulate the new community members who have made an effort to excel and stand out. We all encourage them to continue growing and developing as leaders in their technologies. Thanks to all the other members who supported them!

In a constant quest to improve our platform, we reimagined interactions and navigation in the community and will continue to refine the experience over the coming months. We encourage everyone's participation to post questions, provide solutions and share knowledge articles. Leading experts know that these activities allow them to expand their knowledge and improve their professional performance. Being recognized as a Spotlight Awardee is one of many successes you can achieve in Cisco Community. Start now to build your own path to success!

Banner_Spotlight_Awards_400x200_jun_2022.pngThe Cisco Community recognizes members who share knowledge and advice. Spotlight Awards' badges will be displayed on their profiles permanently, an icon will appear next to their names for 30 days, and we will send them a Spotlight Award trophy.

Meet previous winners, visit here. How to become an awardee? To learn more about the program click here and don’t forget to nominate your peer for the July Spotlight Award! click here


English Community Questions Answered, June 2022


ChangJiang Li
2022 June
English Community Member's Choice, June 2022


Mahmood Jabbar
2022 June
English Community Best Publication, June 2022
English Community Rookie, June 2022


Frederick Mercado
2022 June
English Community, Developer of the Month, June 2022


Prashanth Kumar
2022 June
English Community, Webex Community Champion, June 2022
Wayne Ball - Square Crop.jpg


Wayne Ball
2022 June
Spanish Community Best Publication, June 2022
Portuguese Community Best Publication, June 2022
French Community Rookie, June 2022


Chinese Community Rookie, June 2022


Mr Lin
2022 June
Japanese Community Rookie, June 2022


Yuki Kakita
2022 June
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