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I am teaching a Cisco course at a local Job Corps Center.  I would love to hang Cisco banners, posters, ads, etc on the walls.  Does anyone have a phone number to someone at Cisco that could help us properly decorate our classroom?

Hi, I am looking for more information about CISCO credits. How we work with them, how we can buy them, who is eligible to use it, for what we can use it.... Looking forward to see any reply on this topic, Thanks in advance

  Personalization at its Best   If you have Identity Services Engine (ISE), then we've got great news for you! Log in to and you'll be able view personalized support resources just for you! From guides, demo videos, training resources to c...


typically issues arise for 99% from two areas:   -telco outages -network admins changing things and breaking something else (this is why xmas is always quiet, cos fo change freezes).

Cisco Colleagues,It’s been many years since there was an active Cisco Users Group in San Antonio TX.We’re interested in re-establishing one.  If you are interested in a personal forum where we can share experiences and ideas just PM me.Regards, Shawn...

Hello I need your support I have a script for the autotender has a menu where the extension number is now marquelo press 0 to talk to john press 2 to talk to elena press 3 to speak with Carlos if I press an extension that I already know enters in the...

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