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Wired Endpoint Data Collection

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Level 1

I have enabled Wired Endpoint Data Collection in DNA Center and applied it to 100+ switches as part of the onboarding process.  Subsequently, I have seen several IoT devices that failed due to the "duplicate IP" related to known issues with IP device tracking.  I have read the notes concerning this issue to verify that its a known issue. The 2 switches that had this issue were corrected, however I have left the IP device tracking enabled on all of my other switches.

Q:  Is it safe to say that if IP device tracking doesn't crash a device for duplicate IP after 30 minutes it can be considered stable?  Is there any issues with unchecking Wired Endpoint Data Collection for all 100+ switches to disable and remove the command globally?

Has anyone experienced this with other IoT devices and what was your resolution?

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Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

IP device tracking is extremely valuable for Assurance, so you should try hard to keep it enabled on all switches.  Which IoT devices are you seeing problems on and is it something that is fixed in later versions of software (do you have a bug ID)?  Are those devices running the recommended version of software according to the Cisco DNA Compatibility Matrix?   It should be the case that running the recommended version should make it safe to keep Wired Endpoint Dat Collection enabled, but perhaps we need to update it for whichever IoT devices you are referring to.

The devices in question are programmable logic controllers (PLCs).  This appears to be a versioning issue with the PLC itself, however it does push me to recognize the need to test my devices in a safe environment prior to enabling device tracking on the production switch.