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Backup Startup-Config from Switch Stack Via Usb


Hello, i work at a university and we run all cisco switches and routers for the university in our datacenter on prem. Recently we had a bad storm that took caused a power surge and took out 1 switch. We managed to recover by rebooting the switch, however it was a wakeup call. As we don't have the startup-config backedup anywhere.

So my supervisor tasked me with every quarter to backup the startup configs from our switch stacks onto our storage server. I've only ever done it on a single switch via usb. Never on a switch stack.

I'm assuming its same process correct just plug usb into masterswitch and then:
copy start-up config usb: *filename*

Can't exactly remember if that's the command to use. Thanks

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VIP Mentor


                                               >...and took out 1 switch

 - Depends on how you define that , meaning always save the configuration on the switch when configuration changes are made (write mem). For the rest if a device becomes wiped (config erased) somehow (this happens seldom) I don't see the need for usb-backups , you can make an initial network configuration on it and restore from the storage server repository. Perhaps usb-backups could be useful for core switches.


Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you have a network management system in place?  It can almost surely do config backups. 

If not, you still don't need to do this manually as there are features such as "config archive" that can backup to a remote server.

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