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Possible to automate license level change via PnP?

Out of the box, my 9300 has the following licenses activated:


Technology-package Technology-package
Current Type Next reboot
network-advantage Smart License network-advantage
None Subscription Smart License None


Is there any way of running the command 'license boot level network-advantage addon dna-advantage' and then rebooting the switch prior to continuing with the PnP Provisioning process within DNAC, or is this a manual event that will need to occur and then kick off PnP provisioning?


Since PnP is designed and most commonly used for devices fresh from the factory, I think it's assumed that the correct license level is already applied.


Outside of PnP, the License Manager tool built into Cisco DNA does a nice job of making it easy to change the license.


It can't hurt for you to use the Make a Wish feature in Cisco DNA to let the Product Managers know that you have a use case in which license level needs to be changed during PnP.

@Preston Chilcote  Good point here - can you guide us, what is the steps and URL for us to test.


1. you mean first open box need to use License

2. then reset factory tp PnP (for Lan automation is what suggested)


it make sense when the device see as Lower License ( take example if any device Fails, Cisco never ever send the correct License and IOS on it ?) so it is good use case i belive to BU to look user experience ( and as a Cisco person i expect DNAC is one solution people thinking to fix many issues) - this is basic feature should add i guess make it a better tool. other wise this is another dependency of manpower.



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Through PnP, yes. During the claim process there is a section to select the image and license level.

Through LAN Automation, no. Those claim parameters are locked down and cannot be modified. Your device will need to be on a DNA Advantage license before you are able to complete LAN Automation.

Hmm, can't see any steps during my test of a claim where I could alter license level.


The issue is as communicated above, the unit comes with Network Advantage  enabled but no subscription features enabled.  I  need to be able to enable the DNA-A subscription to be able to configure QoS with NBAR match statements.  Started looking at what options there are in the custom workflows to see if that was a path that would enable the ability of doing a run exec cli, reboot and then push a day0 config.

So it looks like the option only appears if you've designated the device as a stack when adding it to PnP. If you mark it as a stack, you get an option to assign stack details on the "Assign Configuration" page of the claim process. You can set a license from the drop down there.


Otherwise, if you have an onboarding template, add the following line to it:

license boot level network-advantage addon dna-advantage

You could also have a provisioning template that makes the license change and reboots to apply, if you want to make sure the reboot occurs:

license boot level network-advantage addon dna-advantage
copy running-config startup-config<IQ>[startup-config]<R>startup-config
reload <IQ>[confirm]<R>y


From what you describe, that or changing the license level from the license manager may be the best approach. Then apply your QoS and NBAR configuration from a provisioning template after PnP. If you're using DNA to automate your provisioning, I don't know why you would need to push out your QoS and NBAR immediately during PnP, when 5 minutes later would be just fine.

Thanks for replying there.  Just getting my head round the automation piece in DNAC and how best to approach these items.  My thoughts had been to try and complete all steps in the onboarding process but cheers for the pointers around provisioning template vs onboarding template. I'll take a further look around these two items to see where I get.