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Cannot Define VSAN ID1 and FCOE VLAN vSAN Policy On Intersight


Hello Experts,


I need a quick assistance on this one. We are deploying a new cluster which is managed by Intersight. We are using VSAN 1 entirely on our environment and already had configured the same on MDS switches and on SAN.


I have defined vSAN 1 on Fiber Channel Port and on Fiber Network Policy so the initiators are visible on SAN. However whenever we try to add the initiator to the storage group and attach a LUN to it the vHBA stops responding and does not add the LUN to VMware ESXi. The vHBA gets times out with messages as below.


2022-04-03T05:28:20.276Z cpu22:2100778)nfnic: <1>: INFO: fnic_fcpio_itmf_cmpl_handler: 2233: io_req: 0x459b04e00490 sc: 0x459b0128dac0 id: 0x285 CMD_FLAGS: 0x73 CMD_STATE: FNIC_IOREQ_ABTS_PENDINGhdr status: FCPIO_SUCCESS ABTS cmpl received
2022-04-03T05:28:20.276Z cpu22:2097997)WARNING: NMP: nmp_DeviceRequestFastDeviceProbe:237: NMP device "naa.600601601b102e00a8bcc19390b2ec11" state in doubt; requested fast path state update...
2022-04-03T05:28:20.276Z cpu22:2097997)ScsiDeviceIO: 3483: Cmd(0x459b0128dac0) 0x2a, CmdSN 0x8a from world 2099087 to dev "naa.600601601b102e00a8bcc19390b2ec11" failed H:0x5 D:0x0 P:0x0 Invalid sense data: 0x0 0x1 0x43.
2022-04-03T05:28:20.302Z cpu2:2099250 opID=ecabfd2)LVM: 10468: LVMProbeDevice failed on (3322503776, naa.600601601b102e00a8bcc19390b2ec11:1): Device does not contain a logical volume
2022-04-03T05:28:20.302Z cpu2:2099250 opID=ecabfd2)FSS: 2350: Failed to create FS on dev [naa.600601601b102e00a8bcc19390b2ec11:1] fs [Test for Intersight Servers] type [vmfs6] fbSize 1048576 => Timeout


We have been struggling for past 3 days to fix the issue but we cannot find a solution and VMware says that its a Cisco issue with NFNIC driver not responding. Upon researching on Intersight document we found that for vSAN policy to be defined on FI you need to create a vSAN policy with FCOE VLAN defined for Fiber channel connection. The link for the same is as below.


Cisco Intersight Managed Mode Configuration Guide - Configuring UCS Domain Policies [Cisco Intersight] - Cisco




It is clearly mention that you can define VSAN ID 1-4093 on the Fabric Interconnect with FCOE VLAN ID.


However on Intersight when I try I cannot define VSAN 1 as it says that VSAN ID can only be define for vSAN 2-4093 which conflicts the document and we cannot define FCOE VLAN on VSAN ID 1 and thats why I think we are facing so many issues on FC.

Cannot Define VSAN 1Cannot Define VSAN 1


My question is as below.


1. Why can't I define VSAN 1 in Intersight when it is mentioned in the document.

2. Does vSAN 1 by default is defined with a FCOE VLAN to do Fiber channel communication?

3. If point 2 answer is wrong then how can I define FCOE VLAN on VSAN 1.


Looking for a quick answer and resolution here please.




Pranav Gupta



1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions


The issue now fix and was hitting the bug below. You need to enable IDLE Pattern on MDS for 6400 FI as this is a ASIC limitation.

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The issue now fix and was hitting the bug below. You need to enable IDLE Pattern on MDS for 6400 FI as this is a ASIC limitation.

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