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Friday Tech Challenge begins this Friday (Aug 19, 2011)


Have Friday_Tech_Challenge.JPG you seen what happens to a piece of iron that is thrown into the corner of your house, garage or office and hasn't been touched in a long time? Yes, I'm referring to that brown powdery rust on that iron. Well, our brains work like that too I suppose. Rarely can we recollect all the good things we read a few months ago unless we frequently revisit that topic periodically. One of the ways to refresh our brains is to take a test or answer a quiz on that topic. Well, guess what ? We are bringing a quiz called Friday Tech Challenge to our Facebook page.

Starting August 19th, we will be posting a set of five questions every Friday on a particular topic. You'll have until Tuesday 9:00 am to take the challenge. We will select entries with all questions marked correctly and draw a winner randomly. The winner will be announced by Wednesday. We will also post the correct answers to all the questions. Because we know all of us need a little nudge sometimes to get competitive, we are offering a US $25.00 Visa gift card each week.

The rules are simple.

1. Take the challenge each week before Tuesday 9:00 am PDT

2. Share the quiz on your Facebook wall. You will have to share this using the "Share" button within the Poll application used for this contest. 

Our first topic is "Security". Refresh your brains on this topic and get ready.

For complete official rules, visit

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