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How do I get the registerID and log a user into a meeting?


Per the documentation for the CreateMeetingAttendee command:

If <attendeeOptions><registration> is enabled in the CreateTrainingSession or

CreateMeeting request, then CreateMeetingAttendee returns a unique registerID for each

attendee. This registerID value can be specified when each attendee joins the session using the

Training Center URL API m.php?AT=JM&MK=meetingKey...&RID=registerID command.

However, when running this command the only value I get back is an attendeeID.  So I tried to use that instead per the documentation after starting the meeting on another computer, and pointed this computer to:

The MK value is listed on the meeting details page and was the same one used successfully in the CreateMeetingAttendee command.  The RID is the attendeeID that was returned from CreateMeetingAttendee (I also tried RegisterMeetingAttendee, as the documentation gives no information to differentiate the two or explain which should be used).  In both cases I was taken to a Webex page that says "Enter the meeting number to join."  This indicates to me that the MK and/or RID was not accepted as valid and so I was just sent to a home screen.  I tried without the RID with similar results.

What is going wrong in this process, and what is the correct way to use the API to get a user logged in so that after clicking a button on our site s/he is sent directly into the meeting?

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Sensitive information such as Meeting Keys and passwords cannot be used in a HTTP GET request, due to recent security changes this information must be HTTP Posted.

See: Recent URL API Changes - Get2Post

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Sensitive information such as Meeting Keys and passwords cannot be used in a HTTP GET request, due to recent security changes this information must be HTTP Posted.

See: Recent URL API Changes - Get2Post

Thank you.  This appears to be correct.

However, it's also important to note that there is no way to pass a registration or attendee ID to the login page, which is counter-intuitive.  It seems that Webex most likely makes some sort of connection on email to associate the user being logged in with the attendee that was registered, although that's not documented anywhere that I could find.  I think this is what was holding me up; it never occurred to me that a login could work without that attendee ID that I received back.

Hopefully that helps someone else learning the Webex API in the future.


Apparently I jumped the gun on marking this resolved.

I created a meeting today and used the API to register a user with the following call:

       <bodyContent xsi:type="java:com.webex.service.binding.attendee.RegisterMeetingAttendee">



                   <name>Test User 1</name>









                   <notes>notes 12345</notes>










I then started the meeting on my PC with the host user account.  Then I went to my laptop and hit a page with the following code to try to join the meeting:

<form action="" method="POST">

<input type="hidden" name="AT" value="JM">

<input type="hidden" name="MK" value="737834346">

<input type="hidden" name="AN" value="Test User 1">

<input type="hidden" name="AE" value="">

<input type="hidden" name="PW" value="test">

<input type="submit">


It seems pretty logical to me that I would be logged in with the name "Test User 1" and joined into the meeting as that attendee.  However, I was instead put into the meeting with the host account again as I had previously been logged into that account on my laptop.  But even after leaving the meeting, logging out of everything Webex, and then submitting the form again, I was joined into the meeting with a name equal to the webExID that we use to log into the API.  I have no idea where that came from.

Why is my laptop not being joined into the meeting as the "Test User 1" attendee, and how do I get it to do so?

Have you cleared all cookies?, you probably have your name defined as a Cookie and its over-riding it.

I did not.  I will try that and see if it works.

Is there any way to tell Webex to override cookie data with form data?  There could be situations where users have cookies from prior meetings and need to be logged in with different information for this meeting.  Allowing a cookie to override what we're passing in can cause continual issues when we pull down reporting data and start trying to reconcile it with our own registration data.

What is the appropriate way to do a full integration with this code?  I assume some sort of logout command should be used first to clear any existing cookies and prevent an incorrect login?  And if the email address being passed in as part of this form was registered as a host will they be automatically logged in as a host?

If your wanting to do a full integration its recommended that you favor the WebEx XML API over the WebEx URL API, the URL API is very simple and not really capable of doing a full integration nearly as well.

The XML API offers GethosturlMeeting and GetjoinurlMeeting requests that will handle these needs seamlessly.

Thank you.

I looked at these but according to the examples they appear to accept only an attendeeName.  How does that link back to a registration?  The schema seems to indicate that I can pass attendeeEmail in; will it use that value to link back to the registration?

Most importantly, does this resolve the issue we're seeing where existing cookies may override the values we're passing in?  Do we need to do some sort of logout command first?

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