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Please note the Webex For Developers forum above has a more active community. Content will be migrating to this forum in the near future. For additional help, you can go to the Webex for Developers Support page.

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Resolved! What is the time limit for retrieving data from the History service API after closing the session?

I am trying to access the details of meeting/training session and its attendee's details using History service API. After ending the session, I tried the access History service API. It returns the No record found. After 24 hours, I tried to access th...

Resolved! Spark Meet with WebEx API Limitations

Hi, I want to ask about Webex Limitations regarding Spark Meet with WebEx introduced in WBS30 such as user management: Is these limitations still valid for newer versions so user manag...

heabdelr by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! lstRecording xml api?

I'm looking for a way to pass a meetingKey to return the recording stream URL for that specific meeting? I thought the lstRecording xml call might be the one but it seems to return multiple StreamURLs according to the XML api refernece.Does anyone ha...

Resolved! How can I test Webex event/training/support

Hello,We have used the XML API to integrate Webex meeting center to our we have extended the integration to support also Webex event/training/support centermy question is how can we test it? is there's a trial/sandbox environment we can ...

ryaron by Beginner
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Resolved! WebEx call info pretty-copier ?

Hello folksI'm a webex user ( and I'm faced with the following issue: it's harder than necessary to copy and paste a meeting call info from the HTML view.This is due to the fact that the data is presented in regular paragraph mode mixed...

danieldar by Beginner
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