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LstsummarySession not returning all results


We are preparing to migrate from CMR Hybrid to CMR Cloud.  As part of this migration we need a list of all meetings currently booked on our site, so that we can track individual users as they migrate their meetings.


We have run into an issue with the LstsummarySession response.  The response shows all meetings that are [CMR Cloud], and all meetings that are [CMR Hybrid Webex only], but it doesn't show any [CMR Hybrid Webex and TelePresence] meetings.  LstsummaryMeeting shows all.  The API doco states that LstsummarySession can be used in place of LstsummaryMeeting.


In the attached screenshot (LstsummarySession number of results mismatch.png) the <returned> value is 14, but only 10 actual results are returned.  Is this by design?  The query we're using is attached.

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