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Please note the Webex For Developers forum above has a more active community. Content will be migrating to this forum in the near future. For additional help, you can go to the Webex for Developers Support page.

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Hi All,Just wondering if anyone has been able to get the UploadPMRImage function working?I would like to upload personal images for each meeting room (taken from AD).I used curl to post the XML as per the Cisco API refrence example - but couldn't get...

JasB by Beginner
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We have just started to use the XML API and notice that there is a problem with the default call-in toll numbers.  I tried logging this issue with (684826604), but they say that they don't handle API issues and have to log it here.  XML API...

romorgan by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Hi,After recovering some recordings from the recycling bin, and calling the "downloadNBRStorageFile" method from NBR Web Services API with the recovered recording-id, the server respond whit a status 500 and a fault string "Can not create ARF.".Any i...

We had use CWMS Rest API to schedule a meeting . after request success . but in the CWMS GUI, not have meeting . how can it solve this issues ?our request code as belowpackage demo;import*;import*;import java.util.*;import junit.f...

xiangwa2 by Cisco Employee
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I've tried a sample python script like the following and one of my yang file uses a self namespace prefix as follows;  And it seems to produce parsing error.   When I modified mdsif prefix to com:gemds:mds-interfaces , then it works.   Does anyone ha...

We are implementing the webex api in order to pull registration and attendance data from into our Quick Base Webinar Management System. However, not all the data specified in the documentation is being returned. Please ...

state1 by Cisco Employee
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Hello, I work for a company with an existing WebEx account. We are looking at using the WebEx XML API to enable us to administer meetings from our own apps. Is there any extra costs associated with using the WebEx XML API? Is the WebEx XML API open t...

by Not applicable
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Hi,I'm issuing the following Join Meeting (JM) command (in a web browser) to join a meeting and call me on my mobile:https://{site}{site}/m.php?AT=JM&MK={meeting}&PW={password}&AN={name}&AE={email}&CO={country code}%2C%2C{mobile number}%2C...

Hi Team ,I am trying to remove  Webex  Meeting Type  and Audio Account Type from user's profile  using webex apis .but i didn't find any api that helps me to do that.I am able to add meeting type and accountbut unable to develop the revert functional...

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