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Cisco Umbrella Features and Issues


In current customer scenario , customer have following.50 devices  ( laptop / mobile )
- All devices are independent with windows 10 and logging into Azure AD/ Office 365
- No Domain Controller onsite
- User travel with laptop / mobile / tablet
- Users are in 4 different countries and all independent with no server or firewall
- One Watchguard T30W firewall to route internet for everyone onsite
     - DHCP role
     - DNS role
     - gateway 
I have done following

- Changed the DNS On Firewall for Open DNS
- Added the external ID of firewall to Cisco Umbrella 
I want to achieve following:

- Track each user by PC Name or IP Address
- Ensure mobile / laptop / tablet protected even when they travel
- Ensure users cannot disable roaming clients
- Deep scan of URL if possible
- IPS / Antivirus

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Rob Ingram
VIP Master VIP Master
VIP Master
If you use the AnyConnect Client with the Umbrella module or the Umbella Roaming Client, this will report the hostname/local IP address and protect the laptops when the users travel. If required you can implement umbrella policies just for the roaming computers in addition to a policy when connected to the local network.

If the laptops are independant and not joined to an Active Directory domain, I don't see how you can stop the users from disabling the client themselves.

You can use the Umbrella's Intelligent Proxy with SSL decryption to provide deeper inspection for URLs/Files and anti-virus protection. You'll need to ensure the users computer has the Cisco Umbrella's Root Certificate installed on the computers.



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Ahmed,


With regard to your requirements:


- Track each user by PC Name or IP Address:

For both onsite and mobile users, Anyconnect Roaming client or Umbrella ERC module would be the best. Both of them give you an extra layer of protection - IP layer enforcement to protect direct IP communication. With AnyConnect you'll be able to utilize SWG feature as well in future (full proxy mode, HTTP/HTTPS requests control and visibility)


Another option for onsite users would be Umbrella VM which gives you the internal IP address visibility, for PC name visibility AD integration is required.

- Ensure mobile / laptop / tablet protected even when they travel


Anyconnect Roaming client or Umbrella ERC for sure your choice.

- Ensure users cannot disable roaming clients


For Umbrella ERC it is possible with limiting users right in Windows. For AnyConnect Roaming client lockdown feature is available during deployment -


- Deep scan of URL if possible


With AnyConnect will be possible soon

- IPS / Antivirus


All traffic passing through Umbrella cloud is scanned/inspected by multiple security engines like AV/Malware protection/etc.


Let me know if you have further questions. If you find the reply helpful please mark it accordingly.

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