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certificates problems

Shane French
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I have added the self-signed certificate from our presence server to the trusted root certification authorities on our computers, but I still get the 'certificate not valid' message.  I found that unless I place the certificate in 'Enterprise Trust/Certificates' container, I will continue to get this message.  Has anyone found a way to place this certificate in that store or found another workaround?  I see that we can create a certificate trust list via gpo, but that also doesn't seem to work for us.

Thanks in advance,


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i am facing similar problem

you cannot  deploy it via GPO as it puts it a) in the computer certificate store while it should go in the personal certificate store (cisco documentation does not mention this at all) or at least that is where it goes when a user accepts the self signed certificate when starting up the jabber 9.2.5 or 9.2.6 client

check out this discussion

one user suggest adding it using certutil command on the server but i have not figured out how to do this

i actually created new certificates on my enterprise CA and 2 are accepted fine but i seem to have problems with the CTI setup as i need to manualy trust those SSL certificates (and as they are enterprise CA certificates i cannot place them in the enterprise trust store as they are already trusted so i am in catch 22 situation.

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