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Cisco ASA + Jabber on IPhone


I have Cisco ASA 5510. I have trial license of Secure Connect. The firewall is connected to Internet & also to the LAN.

I want to know how to configure my ASA for this so that I can use my Iphone with Jabber to integrate with CUCM.

What i need to confgiure in ASA & what i need to configure in Iphone.

Also i dont have certificate at this moment. How can i test this with some test certificate.


i am running CUCM version 7.1 & ASA version  8.2(5)

can some one help me soon regarding this

Cisco Jabber on iPhone with Secure Connect is not yet available.  AnyConnect on iOS devices is the VPN solution that is available now for Apple iOS devices.  You can configure the ASA to support AnyConnect now, which will position you to support Secure Connect when its available.

See Administering AnyConnect for Apple iOS Devices:



Vincent  - You meant to say if i want to use Iphone with Jabber it also requires to have Anyconnect to be configured on Iphone.

I need to use Anyconnect first & then use Jabber.

Is that right

clarify pls

With the current release of Cisco Jabber for iPhone, you would need a VPN solution if using it outside the enterprise Wifi network.  AnyConnect is the VPN solution that Cisco has available on the iPhone.

Secure Connect is a built VPN for Cisco Jabber.  However, Secure Connect is not yet available on Cisco Jabber for iPhone (it is available on Cisco Jabber for Android).  If you decide to use AnyConnect now, then you will be well positioned to use Secure Connect when its available on Cisco Jabber for iPhone.  Secure Connect will use the same ASA VPN gateway that is used with AnyConnect.


Thanks When i was configuring my ASA it was asking to install Anyconnect on ASA. Attached is the screenshot of the same.

Please clarify do i need AnyConnect on ASA for using Iphone & also Android.

Or i need only Anyconnect on ASA for i phone only & for Android it does not reuqure any connect on ASA.

Please clarify

RAJAMANI Nallakaruppan
Cisco Employee


The following link explains Cisco Jabber Secure Connect for Android phones and the ASA Deployment instructions




Is there any similar document for Iphone

one clarification

for iphone using anyconnect does it establishes SSL VPN or does it established IPsec VPN.

Is anyconnect SSL or IPSec VPN

AnyConnect for iPhone is an SSL VPN client.



Where can i find some detail about Secure Connect, is this going to be the new product name for Anyconnect? When will secure connect be available?

See the Cisco Jabber Secure Connect deployment guide for more details: .

Secure Connect is not a new product name for AnyConnect.  Secure Connect is an application feature of Cisco Jabber that provides VPN connectivity to Cisco Jabber.

Secure Connect is already available in Cisco Jabber for Android, and will be available in other Cisco Jabber products in the future.

i have configured & used by Cisco Jaber to connect thorugh my ASA. From jabber i am able to connect to my corporate CCM IP Phone.

But when 2 Cisco Jaber are registered to ASA they are not able to communicate to each other.

The call between 2 Cisco Jabber is not working. Is this the way it works or it should work.

Help me to understand this.

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