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Cisco Jabber 11.8 Issues

Jessica Cochran


I just upgraded from Jabber 11.7 for Windows to 11.8 for Windows. I didn't do a new install I installed over my previous install. All of my Contact Images are gone and my user list is showing email addresses instead of names. 

I tried a Reset of Jabber. Any other ideas? 

Thank you

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are you using Jabber-config.xml that have username and password to access the directory?

Matthias Dohm

I have seen this kind of beahviour, when Jabber is unable to access the TFTP server Port 6970 and cannot download the jabber-config.xml

Can you upload a problem report?

I have the exact same issue.  The only way contacts will resolve is if I hover over the contact or right click and choose "View Profile".

I tried no directory config at all and let the client find the directory servers on their own as well as defined my domain controllers in the Service Profile and jabber-config.xml file.  Nothing works!

I'm on Windows 10 in a 2008R2 domain connecting to CUCM version


Jabber Client 11.8 annoying issue is every time i get a chat message or call Jabber Client pop ups when its suppose to be hidden in task bar.

Is any one facing same issue and any workaround or fix for this please.

Daniel de Varona

Good morning,

After discussing this same issue with TAC, I had to create a new UC Service for my Jabber 11.8 clients. I created the UC Service Type of Directory, and the Product Type of Enhanced Directory. Basically a copy of the current directory entries, but with the product type and name changed.

I then created a new Service Profile that reflected the new UC Service under the Directory Profile.

In the End User Configuration, I ensured that the UC Service Profile selected for 11.8 clients was the Enhanced Directory Service Profile.

After these changes, the 11.8 Jabber Client worked properly.

Hi ddevarona  

Do pictures appear as well when you use your above method?  Also what ports did you use for the new UC Service? Because when I created a test one it doesn't show up as available under IM And Presence Profile

Thank you

Contact pics work and I used port 389.

I must be doing something wrong. I tried that and also didn't have contact pics or name resolution :-( 

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