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Cisco Meeting Management first impression

I'v recently installed and configured Cisco Meeting Management CMM.

This first drop include a very small feature set but as a first step is not so bad.

at this moment of this post

CMM is dowloadable under Cisco Meeting Server download page (Cisco Systems)

and the only documentation i found are the release notes (

Configuration is quite easy,

note that after the .ova deployment and the configuration from vcenter console you need to login with the credential shown in the console.

(no default credential).

you cannot skip first configuration steps that include LDAP sync, so make sure you have a user and search base, and yo need to specify a user group path in LDAP (no local administrator allowed)

now is time to add some NTP server come CMS server and some certificate from CMS ecc and you are good to go.

At the moment the only useful tab is the "Meeting tab" that show ongoing meeting.

Pro/Cons strictly related to the fist drop, meeting management, excluding feature announced for future release


  • you can change the layout for all the participant or select a different one for each
  • you can see call statistic
  • you can mute/unmute and kick participants
  • you can start/stop recording/streaming (cms license required)
  • you can invite participant in a meeting already started (require configuration for outbound call on cms)
  • nice look and feel


  • Refresh rate of the meeting list/meeting participant is too slow
  • to see if some one is experiencing packet loss or unidirectional audio/video ecc you need to click on the row and open the left side menu (some small icon in the participants list would be great )
  • you cannot call participants from a meeting without a participant already joined (only active meeting are listed)
  • a "look the meeting" function would be great
  • still missing some feature of the old codian MCU (send message, snapshot of the video, audio meter indication)

this is a quite fast and not so deep review of my first impact with CMM with CMS 2.2.8 single combined deployment in my lab environment.

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Re: Cisco Meeting Management first impression

I can fully agree your comments.

the refresh rate of the meeting is very slow, sometime waiting up to 10 minute !


Re: Cisco Meeting Management first impression

Additional CMM documentation, including Installation and Configuration Guide and End User Guide for Video Operators, now posted here:

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