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Cisco Webex - script to automate user account creation

I am trying to write a Powershell script to automate the creation of Webex user accounts.  I used my personal developer token to write the script to create a user through the Admin API.  This was quite simple and I had little trouble getting this to work


However the developer token is a limited time access token so can't be used for production.  Looking at the documentation, it looks like I'm supposed to create an Integration to act on behalf of an administrator.  This is where I am stuck as I don't understand how to create the Integration properly.  I am able to register an Integration but the field that I'm unsure about is the Redirect URI.

The example provided is:


Do I need something external facing to pass the code through to and if so what are some examples i can use?  I'm mainly using Azure\Office365.

I'm not a developer so perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree.  Any advice would be appreciated thanks

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