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Convert 1:1 conversation to 1:X room

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

A recent update removed the ability to add a participant to a 1:1 conversation.  This breaks the collaborative nature of Spark.  In my example, I made a request to an individual which had various levels of detail.  She wanted to engage another team member in the conversation, allowing them to see historical context of the dialog.  The new room would become a project room.  We both tried to add a new user, but that option is now removed from 1:1 dialogs forcing us to copy / paste and recreate content in a room.  All date / time history was lost.  Can we revert back to the ability to convert a 1:1 to 1:x conversation?

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The 1:1 rooms are just that, for your 1:1 conversations and not meant to be extended to group rooms. Please submit this feedback via the client Send Feedback for review.

Thank you for your question!

Thanks Jean.  I was able to do this until this week - unfortunate, as it was really nice and followed a "natural communication" path.  Will send the feedback via client.

If you go to the room details, you then can create a new team room from the 1:1, but as mentioned above it is a new room as the content in your 1:1 is intended to be private.  We have had requests from folks for an option to be added on the "create a team room" to allow the 1:1 content; however, there are privacy aspects that would need to be addresed.  Please submit feedback on your desired behavior.


Hi Louis

Thanks for the additional context.  Agree there could be privacy issues.  The past behavior I am referring to was creating a room with a topic and then inviting users.  I could have just one user in that dialog, not forcing the room to auto create as a 1:1 room and allowing the flexibility for others to be added.  I wonder if this might be a good alternative - when the conversation is started indicate if the room should be created as a 1:1 private room or 1:1 public room.  Make sense?  The other option you propose is interesting as well - perhaps with a selection of content and then right click option to create multi party room, transferring only that content.

Along those lines, it would also be nice to be able to "merge" rooms.

Thanks for allowing me to provide feedback on this topic.




  Not sure if you already know this but was playing with the slack client and when I went to add a user to a 1:1 room on my iPhone it gave a pop asking if I want to share the content with the new members or not

"If no this group will be renamed and archived. A new group will be created and a link to the archive will be sent to the members of the group"

That could work with spark too.




I second this request, but perhaps with a twist.

Is it possible to create a team room, but initially with only 2 participants?

I find that natural conversation starts between 2 people, but grows to include more individuals as the topic evolve beyond the original participants area of expertise.

Looking further at the privacy concern, I suggest a different approach to adding team members to a room.

A room of any "size" (1:1 or 1:X) could have a button to add a participant for all members of the room.

adding a member would first send a notification/question to the entire room asking for approval to add the new participant to the conversation.

If Yes, then the room is updated with the new participant and the full history is retained.

If No then the moderator would be notified and have the "one click" option to create a new room with the original participants along with the new participant.

I feel this would balance both convenience and privacy effectively.

The onus would be on the moderator to create the new room and provide a summary of the previous conversation to get the new room started effectively.

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