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CUPC/ Cisco Jabber as IBM Sametime IM client?

My company is currently using IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime for email and IM. I currently have CUPC and Jabber installed but have IM disabled so that users don't use the presence servers IM instead of our IBM Sametime. What are my integration options? I would like to just use the CUPC or Jabber client to connect to our IBM Sametime server but am not sure if this is an option. Second option would be to federate the IBM Sametime and Cisco Presence server but they are in the same domain so is this an option? for example the Sametime user is and the presence user is

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Unfortunately CUPS would only support Interdomain federation beween the Sametime Server(versions 8.2 and 8.5) over XMPP.  The only intradomain federation that CUPS would support would be with Microsoft Lync/OCS.  Also, the CUPC/Jabber client would only be able to connect to the CUPS server for any functionality.

We do have the Phone Control and Presence Plugin for Sametime, but this would reside directly in Lotus Notes and would not be a seperate client.

Below is the documentation for both CUPS Interdomain federation, and the Sametime Plugin:

Interdomain Federation -

Information on Sametime Plugin -

Hope this Helps!

Josh Hammonds

Thanks for the reply Josh.

That is what I was afraid of. Would it be poosible using sub domains? We have been trying to deploy the sametime plugins but it has some bugs that tac is working on before it will be usable. Also we would like the video support with jabber. (The plugin would require IP Communicator / deskphone with video advantage and this lacks support with Windows 7 x64)

This would be possible using Sub-Domains using Inter-Domain federation.  So that may be something you will want to look into configuring.

Good Luck and Happy Configuring!

Josh Hammonds


Hi, how would a subdomain structure look like to support this?

Hi All

It sounds to me like you may be going about this the wrong way.

If you have an established SameTime/Notes IM&P setup, and you just want the extra Cisco bells and whistles, there is a UC Integration for IBM that provides you:

- Voice/Video softphone

- Desktphone control

- 'Phone status' presence

- Visual Voicemail

All embedded into SameTime (whether that's embedded in Notes or standalone).

Sound a bit like Jabber? It has all the key features of it... but in the form of an IBM plugin...


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Here is CUCIIBM information as Aaron mentioned



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Just another vote to say that using the CUCI-IBM plug-in is likely to be the best solution for the customer. Details are at:

With  CUCI-IBM, you can use pretty much all the same features as Jabber desktop  but embedded within the Notes and Sametime client, plus get click-to-call  from anywhere that a name or phone number appears. This feature set  includes video using CUCM 9.1, etc. My understanding is that running  CUCI-IBM requires the same licesning as for Jabber.

Using the non-integrated Jabber  client means there will be zero presence awareness or  click-to-communicate capability within the Notes client. That's bad for users.

Cisco does not support  intra-domain federation with Sametime, and the Sametime Gateway does not  support intra-domain federation of any sort. So any federated approach  would require separate domains for Sametime and Jabber.

For Notes shops with CUCM and/or Unity Connections, CUCI-IBM provides a better experience than Jabber desktop.

Rupert Clayton

IBM Collaboration Solutions Architect

San Francisco, CA

Krasimir Koichev

It's been awhile since this question was first "answered", so it begs revisiting the integration.

We have a client who is on IBM Connections and had a very similar issue.

The answer - radical it would seem - was to ditch the desktop client integration and work with Jabber SDK for Web. Since then, the solution has been productized and it recently got a mention on IBM Connections blog - Jabborate. Check it out.

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