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Ahmed habib

Expressway MRA Multiple domains


I have MRA Multiple domain deployment and I followed the guide and mostly the system operate fine

I have 2 questions :

1- I can't understand why the guide makes CUCM & IMP on domains  (off and on). what does it mean and If I made them all ON will cause issue ? (Check attached).

2- Should I configure editable http allow list on expressway c for cucm pub and sub ?




Vaijanath Sonvane
VIP Engager


You can turn On or Off applicable services for each domain. 

  • SIP registrations and provisioning on Unified CM (On/Off): Endpoint registration, call control and provisioning for this SIP domain is serviced by Unified CM. The Expressway acts as a Unified Communications gateway to provide secure firewall traversal and line-side support for Unified CM registrations.
  • IM and Presence Service (On/Off): Instant messaging and presence services for this SIP domain are provided by the Unified CM IM and Presence Service.

Expressway-C automatically adds rules (inbound and outbound) to the HTTP allow list. You can customize 

Can I edit the allow list?

  • You can't add outbound rules to the list.
  • You can add your own inbound rules, if clients from outside need to access other web services inside
    the enterprise. For example, these services may require you to configure the allow list.
    • Jabber Update Server
    • Cisco Extension Mobility
    • Directory Photo Host
    • Advanced File Transfer (AFT)
    • Problem Report Tool server
  • You can't edit or delete auto-added rules in the list.

It is explained in MRA deployment guide: 



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

I can't understand

OK, As guide configuration MRA Chat will be disable right ?

I made the same config on site but chat is working fine

Can you clarify why CUCM made off on internal domain and IM is off on external ?

Is this must or recommendation  ?

@Vaijanath Sonvane 

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