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Host of Problems with Jabber on Android

Hey everyone, I have a Pixel 3 I recently purchased, so I am new to Android, and I am having a ton of problems with Cisco Jabber.

I have an account through my company and it is activated.  When I sign in to Jabber on my phone, it shows a blue checkmark next to "Instant Messaging", "Phone Services", and "Voicemail".


Outgoing calls I type into the keypad or call from my contacts work fine.



  • I cannot answer any incoming calls
    • When I receive an incoming call Jabber fills my screen
      • Name of Person calling
      • ***[then their phone number]
      • Red Circle "Decline" and Green Circle "Answer" on the bottom
    • If I click "Decline", it works and ignores the call right away
    • If I click "Answer", the screen flashes but then remains the same, still prompting "Decline" or "Answer"
    • If I click again it either flashes again or just immediately ends the call
  • Issue calling people back
    • Incoming calls show-up as **1234567890 (their phone # with either two or three stars in front)
    • When I try to hit the phone icon in my call history and call them back, it says it is an invalid number
    • I would have to manually type in their phone number or hope they're in my contacts to call them back
  • Issue being notified of an incoming call
    • If I am actively using any app or if my phone is locked, Jabber does not properly notify me of an incoming call
    • My phone vibrates, but no icon on the screen whatsoever pops up letting me know I am receiving an incoming call


So, I would greatly appreciate help with:

  • What do I do so I can actually answer calls?
  • Can I get rid of the ** before #s or get Jabber to still call the right number back from my call history?
  • Is there a way to make Jabber better notify me of calls.  I have gone to notifications both in the phone and in the app, seem to have all the settings so that it would notify me, but still have the problems mentioned above.


I would love to use Jabber on Android for my work calls - both in the office and on the road - but as of now it is essentially unusable.

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Re: Host of Problems with Jabber on Android



For the incoming calls showing incorrectly, does this happen on the Jabber desktop (win/mac) version?

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