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How do I file a feature request?

Level 1
Level 1

The title says it all.

The community managers just point everyone to a KB which tells the user to use the Send Feedback button. However, the Send Feedback button just takes me to a Collaboration Help/Contact Us page which can be seen here. How can I get to a feature request from that page?

Thank you.

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Inside the client you can send feedback



Thanks, Srini.

But that doesn't help. I noted in my original post that I'm aware of that workflow, but all it does is take me to a generic help page when you click Send Feedback from inside the app.

Thats interesting granted I am in an EFT group but for me it's showing fine inside the client. So not sure if they changed it for Non EFT users

Flagging for the BU Louis Pratt or Chris Ward

Hello all!

Please excuse me for answering an old topic, but I've been searching a bit and I found this post that describes exactly my (very basic) doubt, and I don't know if has been answered elsewhere, but the question remains here.


But first let me clarify that I've used the client's "Send comments" option (I'm translating literally from my spanish version client, "Enviar comentarios"), wich first takes me to this link:

(I've modified org_name and user_status just for privacy reasons)


Then, it redirects to this link/page:

(clearly the link is broken, at least for my config/version/information)


Here you actually can submit a suggestion (it says issue actually), but limited to 249 characters... so, no much room for a suggestion or even a slightly complicated issue.


Particullary, I was trying to send one or two suggestions that could be considered feature requests and might even be a couple of cool things to add to the Teams client or in general to a WebEx Meeting o Event.


I hope someone can led me in the right direction. Thanks a lot in advance!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello here is the link you can use to file the request around the top left you can click on "Add new idea"