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How to upgrade IPVC 3545 MCU Software

Fatih Cetin

Hello everyone, 


Has anyone upgraded the IPVC 3545 MCU Software? According to the documentation I have to download UpgradeUtility.exe from the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Software CD-ROM. There is no such file in my CD. When I install the CD on my computer, in the installation path there is a UpgradeUtility.exe file under /AuidoMessageUtility folder which seems to be used for uploading audio messages to the MCU. 


Does anyone know how  can I upgrade the firmware of 3545 MCU? We have firmware version, and the latest firmware is version 5.7. Any help/idea is appreciated.





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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Fatih,

Check the following on for the software you need:



Hi Dejan,


Thank you for the response. I already downloaded the CD (Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3500 Series Utilities from there (


The thing is, according to the documentation, I should be able to download "UpgradeUtility.exe" from the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Software CD-ROM (which I downloaded), but there is no such file. I can only install the CD, and when I install it, there comes a file called "UpgradeUtility.exe" under C:\Program Files\Cisco UVC 3500 Series\Audia Message Utility.


When you run this file, it looks like the description in the upgrade guide, but there is only "Upload Messages" button which I assume used for uploading audio messages to the conference bridge. Moreover, when you click the help option on the utility program it says:

The Cisco Upload Utility is an interactive GUI interface that is invoked by the Cisco Audio Message Utility when you upload Audio Messages to MCU and Gateway devices.
The Upload Utility enables you to upload the audio message files via a network or modem connection to the Cisco device.


According to Cisco documentation (see attached file) "The Cisco Software Upgrade Utility is an interactive GUI interface that enables you to upgrade Cisco software installed on Cisco devices.". I am stuck and I cannot upgrade the software of the device without this utility program. Any help would be deeply appreciated.



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