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Resolved! Call display on jabber softphone when transferred through Unity AA

So someone calls the main inbound line and reaches auto attendant, enters the user extension and is transferred. Deskphone shows the called party, Jabber client shows "Voicemail is calling you" . Once the call connects it shows the actual calling par...

Audio cuts off then video moments later for Jabber users when content is shared during a multipoint VC

       If a presentation* is being shown from a VC end point/or by Jabber, the audio cuts off, then the video of the Jabber user freezes. The call has not ended on our end we can still hear and see them. A few moments later their video on our end fre...

7821 Video Support for Jabber...

Hi All, Does any one know (or documentation) if the 7821 phones support video (not talking about CUVA) to co-inside with Jabber? Have done some testing and can't seem to get it to work so I am not sure if it is a SIP thing or 78xx thing... Any help m...

VLT06 by Participant
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