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Import MP4 into WebEx

Hello, a client has asked that I run a webinar next week. As I'm traveling I can't do it live and would like to upload a narrated Powerpoint presentation into WebEx. So I'm recoding offline and want to upload into WebEx. I can see plenty about how to go from WebEx ARF and WRF into MP4 and Windows media  but not the other way around.

I was told Camtasia can do this, I've downloaded it and recorded my slides but I can't see an obvious WebEx ARF/WRF option.

Can anyone help? Can it be done?

Thanks and best wishes

- Jim

Susan McEvilly

Hi Jim -

Just to confirm the scenario:  You have created an mp4 file using Camtasia and you want to upload it to the Recorded Sessions page of a  WebEx site, and then give your client and others a link to view your recording, is this correct?  The problem you are running into is that the WebEx Recorded Sessions page will only allow you to upoad a .wrf, .arf or .wmv file format, correct?

Can you confirm I have correctly stated the problem, and then I would be happy to give you some ideas such as:

  • You may want to place that mp4 file someplace other than WebEx (YouTube, Vimeo.....).  Next time, record it using the WebEx offline recorder instead of Camtasia and you will have a nice, compressed .wrf file that you can then upload to WebEx.

If your customer wants to play your mp4 file in a live WebEx session, then you are good to go as it does not need to be converted - mp4s can be uploaded into the content viewer of a live WebEx session, just like any other file.

Hope this helps!  Good luck -


Meet Me In The Cloud, LLC

Susan, briliant thanks you got it spot on. I got the impression the offline tool was for playing and editing and not for recording.

If I've got that wrong, can confirm and also send me a link to the right one if you don't mind please? I'm not sure if I should be using wrf or arf? Could you advise on that as well please?

Thanks for all your help, it looks like I can do what I want with the WebEx tool after all.


- Jim

Sure. -

We have an 8 minute HD video that will show you how to download the offline recorder, how to use it to create a .wrf file with audio, and how to upload the resultant .wrf to your WebEx site and share the link with others.

Check it out here:


Meet Me In The Cloud, LLC

Susan, brilliant thanks so much. I've managed to find the recorder/player. I use a Mac so I'm having to use the windows version via a VM as I can't record with the Mac version.

Thanks you have been a real rock star!


- Jim

Jim Craig - greengauges

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You need to download a WebEx Recording Editor first and then go to its editing section on the upper left side and at last choose import insert recording.

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