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is CUAC version compatible with CUCM 12.5

hello just need to know if CUCA version is compatible with CUCM version 12.5 I have just recieved this task because a CUCM upgrade to 12.5 but I´m not pretty sure if it Attendant Console version will work with CUCM 12.5 otherwise please advise what should I do in order to upgrade CUCA if You could provide step by step procedure I will appreciate


thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions

hello Guys just wanted to share with You that finally we succeeded upgrading from attendant console server from version 11.0.2 to version 12.0  we opned a TAC case SR 693654126 in order to make upgrade first of all we had to create new VM and install windows 2012 server because windows 2008 server does not support attendant console server version 12.0


here´s the whole procedure we did at the end of the process we had a problem with attendant console cliente could not connect 

you are unable to login because a server cannot be located


we disable FW from windows server 2012 and client was successfull tu connect


I want to thank You for Your help 






                                                        UPGRADE PROCESS FOR UNIFIED ATTENDANT CONSOLE



Hi Vicente.


Seems that we would only need to backup and restore the database from one server to the other. However, checking the documentation, I have found the following considerations before doing so:


“You must install the same version of software you were using before the failure. If you install a

different version your database will have an incorrect schema and you will experience unpredictable



To be able to restore the database onto a new server, you must set its host name to match that of the

backed-up server; do this before installing SQL and Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced on

the new server.”



As backup and restore is only supported on CUACA servers with the same software version, the action plan would be the following:


On the old server:


-Perform a Manual Backup of the databases ATTCFG and ATTLOG on the old server. Refer to “Manually Backing-up Databases”


-Take note of the registration code of the old server (Help> Licensing> Registration Code).

-Save the backup files

-Turn off the old server.



On the new server:


-Change the Hostname of the new server. Refer to “Updating the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced Server Host Name”:


-Change the IP address on the new server.

-Restart the new server and verify the Hostname and IP address has changed successfully.

-Uninstall CUACA 12 on the new server. (this may require to restart again)

-Install CUACA version 11 on the new server.

-Now that we are on the same version, Restore the backup. Refer to “Restoring the Databases”:


-Upgrade to CUACA 12. You can run the CUACA 12 installer over the top of the old version.

-In order to retain the database that we just restored, when the following dialog appears you need to select NO.





-Proceed with the installation process.



Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!







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PDI stopped providing services back in 2018, there's no replacement team for the kind of support we provided.



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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

AC product documentation contains the CUCM compatibility for each release (as well as installation/configuration/upgrade), have you reviewed it?



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hello Jaime sorry for the delay look I saw this link but as far as I see it says CUCM version 12.0.1 but I gess this is before CUCM 12.5 version were released??


I continue looking or some response




can´t see VM template for version 12.0??? when I click al release I get an error message please review uploaded ppt






Then it isn't downloadable via the standard Cisco download page.

Have you tested the links in the compatibility matrix?

You have to add an account there. I didn't do it know, so I can't tell, what's available there.


Or you open a TAC case and ask for the files.

thanks B Winter I found VM template into this zip file CUACA_v1.4 ova in readme file is described that it is compatible with AC version 12.0,5 and 14.0


I´ll continue to work on it just one question I should deploy a new VM with this OVA but this mean I will be doing a new installation? I mean I will upgrade CUACA from version 11.0 to version 12.0 and I´m not pretty sure how to proceed


any help will be highly appreciated



If you just want to upgrade, then you are on the wrong path with the OVA.

As you said, it's used for setting up a new VM and not used for upgrades.


Maybe this post and the links in there help for the upgrade:


Probably, as it is a Windows Server and CUAC is a Windows application, you just need to run the installation file (keeping in mind all the server and SQL requirements).

Hi B. Winter thanks for Your help this is to be an upgrade froem CUCA version to version 12.0 please take a look at the ppt documet I screenshot everything I could please note that windows server is running on version 2008 sr2 would it work? we plan to to do the upgrade friday night please advise





hello B. Winter tonight we will be working ffirst upgrading Atendant Console Server to 12.0 version  then CUCM Cluster to version 12.5 I just wanted to mae sure if the attendant console server meets the requirements? please take a look at the ppt document with server software details I will upload


thanks in advance




we will have tu upgrade CUCA to version 12.x any documentation will be highly appreciated also what about licensing?




Hello Jaime hope You´re doing well today if I´m not wrong You are member of PDI Help Desk from cisco? We have a new big project for CUCM version 14 in process it includes Publisher subscriber unity presence expressway C and D Attendant console server etc we would like to open a new case with PDI help Desk in order to have support for configuring and make this work fine I´ts been a while since I opened my last case with PDI Help Desk I can´t find the way to open a new case could You please be so kind to advise???


when I try to access this link I go to and can´t find the way to access PDI Help Desk



PDI stopped providing services back in 2018, there's no replacement team for the kind of support we provided.



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hanks a lot for Your help I really appreciate in this very moment we are working on the license process I´ve been looking for an upgrade procedure from CUCA version to version 12.0 I´ll let You know how it goes




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