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J4W 9.0.5 call pop-up shows wrong user


We have CUCM 8.6.2 and CUP 8.5.  We are MS shop and our DC's are 2008 R2.  I have AD integrated into CUCM / CUP settings.  I get screen shots from several users that show the J4W "pop-up" that appears when a call comes in shows the wrong user name / picture.  In most cases I have seen, the invalid user being displayed is from a term'd employee whose AD account that we have had to keep -- but the user's AD account is in a specific OU and disabled.  Also, the term'd employee's Phone and IP Phone fields are wiped out.  I am puzzled where the bogus information is coming from....  The only thing I can think of is that the receiver has a local contact in their Outlook client.  But I would have thought that this information would come from querying the AD or GAL. 

Anyone have any ideas??/


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Muhammad Maqsood Mushtaq
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Delete following folders and retry:

C:\Users\userxx\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications

C:\Users\userxxx\AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications

If you can still see incorrect photos, then I suggest to try 9.1 beta version. You can download it by signing up via the following link (involved completing 2 surveys – EAP and j4w EAP)


If issue persists, then please open a TAC case. Team will investigate further and raise a defect for tracking.



Thanks for the reply. I was told Deleting the folders did no good. I received another screen shot today from a user who received a call from the CFO, but the pop up window displayed the Mae / pic of a different employee who is not even defined in CUCM. The only common thing between the 2 people is that both their first names begin with "j".

I tried the link to the beta. But it said I don't have authorization.


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