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Jabber 9.1.0 hanging when shutting down

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We are upgrading to Jabber 9.1.0 and have found that if the client is still logged in when you shutdown or logoff your workstation the 'End Program' window appears becasue it cannot terminate JabberClient.exe stating 'This program is not responding".

This error is only occurring with version 9.1.0. I did notice this was also mentioned as a problem with 9.1.0 Beta. Any ideas?

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Muhammad Maqsood Mushtaq
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


This is a known issue on Windows XP (CSCuc76794) documented in the 9.1 release notes. Please track it using Bug Toolkit.



Thanks Maqsood.

The only fix provided through the bug Toolkit was to log back into Jabber and then sign out, which is not workable in a large organisation. Looks like we'll be reverting to 9.0.4 and leave the video conferencing option out until Cisco can resolve the problem.


Yep, same issue here.....

It is unfortunate that the latest release was taking a leaf out of Apple's book by releasing before it is ready...

SO many holes and bugs in 9.1.0.

Any idea when 9.1.1 is getting released?

James, agreed. This same issue was detected in the beta for 9.1.0 so it begs the question as to why Cisco still released it.

For us, the video conferencing will have to go on hold until Cisco release a fix, but in the interim we'll be going with 9.0.4.

9.1.1 is expected in early December.

Thanks Maqsood,

I am guessing no literature on bug fixes or features for this release yet?

Any word on when 9.1.1 is the go?

I heard from CISCO December 4th (today). Is that correct?

9.1.1 is expected to be released by the end of this week.




Lets hope there is some improvements.

Do we know if this will be a feature release or just bug fixes?


Sad to say but it seems that 9.1.1 still has the same issues as 9.1

I am really confused as to where CISCO are going with Jabber. So many issues that should have been sorted by now but keeps getting released with such an unstable foundation.

I am actually getting embarrassed rolling this out to our business with the obviouse questions "why are we rolling out such crappy applications"

Year right... Jabber 9.1.1 has the same issue.

I hope the problem will be solved in the next days and not next year!!

Sadly, I have been advised, fix will now not be till 9.2.  Unfortunately due in early March 2013. I'm a big supporter of Cisco but they have let themselves and customers down on this one, as James mentioned above. You can't get buy in from your customer's with a product that is not up to scratch.

March 2013!!!

Very poor. At least there should be patches for these issues and not having to wait for future releases.

What gets me is that this is not rocket science. There are so many other clients that are far more stable and feature enriched.

These issues I am seeing now is like what MOC & OneX where seeing years ago. And when they did, it was promptly addressed.


Official response is for the hanging issue on XP shutdown is defined in CSCud84893. Not sure what is in this bug ID as I don't have visibility of this one but apparently a fix will be in release 9.2. Not sure when this is due to be released as I have been told both March 2013 & mid 2013. Waiting on clarification of date.