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Jabber calling issue

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Hello, I got into a weird problem with Jabber in my new UC lab setup. Installed UCM, UC and IMP ver 12.5 and configured them to match with production. Desk phones (8851 and 8865) work as expected. Can call each other and access voicemails. However, Jabber is giving me all types of problems. I am unable to access voicemail or can I call another phone. I get re-order tone. I can make calls but as soon as other end picks, I get re-order tone. Same thing happens with voicemail. To eliminate transport or firewall issues, I put my test Jabber laptop in the same subnet as deskphones but the issue persists. 

Has anyone gone through this or can can give me idea what could be the issue here? 

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For the "I can make calls but as soon as other end picks, I get re-order tone" portion, that indicates inability to negotiate a codec. Are these devices in the same Device Pool? If not, do you have codec restrictions (via Audio Codec Preference List) or a regions setting that is not allowing sufficient bandwidth to negotiate a codec?

As for Jabber not being able to reach voicemail: Do you have a UC Service Profile that includes a UC Service for voicemail, AND is that UC Service Profile assigned to the end-user of the Jabber device (in the End User configuration page)? Also, when setting up the service profile, are the "Credentials source for Voicemail Service" set correctly? These are the settings I would check first for voicemail.

Another test would be to place a manual call to the voicemail pilot number from the Jabber phone. However, if you are having codec mismatch issues between Jabber and other phones, it is likely this call will fail until after that issue is resolved.


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I double checked everything you mentioned and they all look correct. Right now I am trying to isolate the voicemail issue. Phones can access voicemail without any issues. Jabber cannot. Phones and Jabber has same settings like device pool, css, etc. Service Profile is also set correctly. However, when I check Connection Status in Jabber (help menu), it shows exclamation sign in the Voicemail section and status shows as Not connected. Cred service for voicemail are set to IM and Presence. When I set it to "Not Set", I get "To receive your voice messages enter your creds in the Accounts tab in settings" in Jabber. Then I manually enter the creds in Jabber accounts settings but it gives error "your voicemail credentials are invalid. Please update your account information to use Voicemail service". We have same AD source for accounts in CUCM and CUC. The same cred works to login to Jabber but for some reason, it fails on me while accessing voicemail. 


Are both CUCM and CUC LDAP Synchronized/Authenticated? If not, is the CUCM user ID the exact same as the CUC Alias? 

What is the setting in the UC Service Profile for "Credentials source for voicemail service"? 

The SDL will show the codec problem. To dig into the CUC issue, can you provide the log file from a PRT on a non-working Jabber client?

Also: Just as a "let's see if this works" the following procedure resets Cisco Jabber fully. (Even more so than "Reset Jabber" from the menu:

Exit the Jabber application fully using the menu to exit. (As the X in the corner just puts it in the System Tray and does not close the application.)

  • In Windows, search for the user's %appdata% folder.
  • Under "Roaming" in AppData locate the Cisco folder and in that the Jabber folder and delete it.
  • Under "Local" in AppData locate the Cisco folder and in that the Jabber folder and delete it.
  • Launch Jabber and log in.

Does this cause the Jabber client to be able to get to VoiceMail?



Can you please attach a cucm sdl trace from realtime monitoring tool and indicate the calling (habber) and called number of a failing call?

Please also generate a PRT from one of your Jabbers






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I was able to solve the problem. As many of you had indicated, it was somehow related to media resources. I had created a new Common Device Configuration with TRP enabled and applied that to the jabber phones I was testing. However, I didn't check the TRP while creating MTP resources. I was able to discover the issue by putting default common device configuration in the CSF profile.

Very thankful for your help