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Jabber - click 2 call on number hyperlink from browsers

I'm trying to find if there is a way we can get click 2 call on number hyperlink from browsers using Jabber today. This may involve some scripting using SDK etc, but I've not found anything concrete yet. Is there any third party plugin available to do this? Any help is appreciated.

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I thought you could do that if the number had tel:number. So if the browser had that today it would work. C2C natively through browsers isn’t supported



Thanks Srini! I figured that part out from cross launch info from this site:

I also successfully used a firefox add on called Telify to make this work on FIrefox.

Hi Gaurav,

Telify worked for me Thank You. I've enabled it on Firefox and set the User Protocol to sip: on Telify, and the Jabber for Windows 9.6 application picked up the number straight from the Firefox browser.

Wonder if there is a similar plug in for IE...


UPDATE: I've installed the Click to Call Cisco Unified Communications Widget and even though it's  EoL, it works on the lastest Chrome, Firefox and IE with Jabber for Windows

Hello there,

Can you elaborate on the uri protocol to insert into the hyperlink to launch the Jabber call? I can't locate the cross launching document in the site...


I don't know which method are you referring to, but here goes:

For Telify


For Click to Call ver. , just choose the CSF device to be used by the app.


Hope this helps.



Just a FYI but c2c plugin isn't supported with jabber even if it works. There is a post on this by john kenn from the jabber bu.



I have used HTML code to place a call from a desk phone (Jabber has to be setup to control the desk phone).  Here is an example of the code:


                <a href="tel:+123-345-678-5555"><img src="call.png" border="0" alt="Launch Jabber to call" /></a>


Is this what you are looking for?     



I want to implement Click-to call functionality using Jabber SDK. So , when the user clicks on the number it should directly place a call. I don't want the Jabber for Windows to be called. Currently I have developed an extension which detects phone numbers on a web page. I have used Cisco Web dialer to initiate click to call. The problem here is the web dialer uses the jabber for windows to initiate communication. I want to implement browser-browser communication. Under Jabber SDK, there are documents which show how to integrate voice and video in your application which I don't think is worth.

If anybody can provide guidance would be really helpful.




Did you ever figure this out?  I'd like to do the same.

Initiate a call within the browser.

The TEL link just opens up facetime or whatever program is associated with calls.

It works fine as long as in your OS the protocol handler for TEL is registered to Jabber. Usually when Jabber installs it takes over that protocol handler or you can change it to map to Jabber

In addition with Jabber 11.X we can now highlight and right click and call from IE(uses registry edits built into Jabber) and from Chrome using extensions so that's another way to do this without having a number with tel:

thank you.

I will show our business analysts this later today and hopefully this will be fine for them.  It does work well as long as jabber is installed. I'm good with the tel" link


I would like you to share information on how click to call using jabber from outlook ?

If you are talking from the outlook pane then it's native in Jabber

If on the other hand there is a number inside the email then you have to highlight the number and use Ctrl keys to paste that number in the client automatically



I believe there is an integration or plugin that you can install that you can do the click to numbers from outlook and it will call from the Jabber .. I saw Cisco live video about it..

Thanks & Regards,


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