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Jabber clients using _cisco-uds or _cuplogin


Hello there,

Assume, there is a cluster that used _cuplogin only. Then _cisco-uds records were added to the DNS at some point, hence keeping both _cisco-uds and _cuplogin records. Following this change, I wonder if there is a centralized way to check if Jabber users are logged in using _cisco-uds or _cuplogin somehow?


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Roger Kallberg
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Jabber is hard coded in the application for how the service discovery works. This is very well explained in this presentation from Cisco Live by Josh Hammond. Troubleshooting Jabber Like a TAC Engineer 

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Thanks for the link, I get it that _cisco_uds takes precedence over _cuplogin. However it does not answer the question if I can check it centrally somehow i.e. to ensure all users have logged in using _cisco_uds and not using _cuplogin any longer (if that is even possible).

No it is not possible to check. However it should not matter as all current versions of Jabber would use _cisco_uds. I would just deactivate the _cuplogin SRV, if that is an option in your DNS, or simply remove it. There would only be an impact if there where any outlier clients that uses very old version of Jabber, ie versions that are before _cisco_uds was defined as the primary.

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If Jabbers were all at recent 12.9.x version that means they would start using _cisco_uds right after the DNS record was added, as obviously _cuplogin has 3rd priority after webex and _cisco-uds. Hence we can assume all Jabber clients using _cisco-uds currently even though _cuplogin records is also present.

That is correct.

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Thats True. Remove srv CUPlogin and keep only _Cisco_uds which

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Click on Jabber application and press Ctrl+Shift+D another window will open which will show the configuration the Jabber has got. You can confirm from that.

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