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Jabber/IM Presence to BLF

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Does anyone know if the presence from the IM and Presence service is supposed to be visible via BLF/Call Log Presence on the UCM?

This does not appear to work as far as I can tell, only the line extension presence is visible.


Marcelo Morais
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Hi Adam,

the Busy Lamp Field (BLF) presence feature allows a user to monitor the real-time status of another user at a Directory Number or SIP URI.

Take a look at the following link: CUCM Feature Configuration Guide 11.5.

Hope this helps !!!

Marcelo Morais

Understood, but, that's a different feature. The UCM will send presence notifications to IMP so Jabber can update if you're "on a call" and that, but, if you set yourself away/in a meeting it doesn't change the BLF presence to amber - it doesn't appear to have that sort of capability.

Hi Adam,

I want to make sure I am understanding this correct.  For example, if you have an 8861 phone with a configured BLF for a DN of a Jabber user.  If the Jabber user changes their Jabber status to Busy, does the 'presence' indicator on the 8861 phone change to amber?  Not the actual BLF light for the button, but the status indicator next to the configured BLF on the device.

If that makes sense to what you are asking, I can tell you from my experience the answer is no.  We have Jabber users and when their status in Jabber is busy or in a meeting, the status indicator on the phone does not change, it stays green.  The only time the status indicator changes is when they are actually on a call and at that point the BLF light is lit up and the status indicator is amber.

Yes, it turns red if it is on a call and/or do not disturb.

I sort of understand it but it seems like it would be reasonable to have to reflect that there as well.

Oh well.

Thanks for the confirmation – I appreciate it.

Maybe one day they will expand the possibilities of presence to include things like that, but as of now it only reflects the 'presence' of the DN.  But you are right, it would be a good idea if it worked like that.

I highly doubt it with the march to cloud and teams and broadsoft acquisition CCM features like these will be in the backlog

There are others jostling for space too for feature so here’s hoping CCM 14(since there is no CCM 13) will have it



Yes that's the current behavior. Folks get confused because they think the presence "pill" icon next to the user on the phone is the same as Jabber presence but it isn't, it's line status presence via CUCM not the presence status from the IM/P server

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