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Jabber LDAPS İntegration

Hello ,


We have configured ldaps in cucm , ldap directory and ldap authentication is configured with TLS port 636 ...

AD server certficate is deployed all cucm and imp nodes as Tomcat-Trust .


Now we can login jabber via MRA successfully but we have certificate alert for jabber clients (ad server cert.) we are accepting this cert then eveything works fine . But sometimes certf. warning appaers again and again espacilly when user signed out and sign in again , also some users said that when jabber running in background mode after a while certf. warning appears again .


i saw this note in cisco document but i remember that when i try 3269 instead of port 636 authentication was not working , it just working with 636 .


Note: If you have Jabber clients, it is recommended to use port 3269 for LDAPS Authentication, since Jabber timeout for login can occur if a secure connection to the global catalog server is not specified.


We do not have any directoy configuration in uc profile by the way


What can we do to fix ad certf. warnings for jabber clients...







Can you check the details of the certificate presented and confirm which certificate is that. once you identify the cert, please make sure the root certificate to trust the presented certificate is available in the Trusted store of machines in which Jabber is installed.


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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

Find out for which certificate it’s shows warning?   The certificate warning is for MRA user or locally login users ? 


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AD server certificate which i installed as Tomcat-Trust in uc nodes . They are using jabber for android and ios . Once we accept the certficate jabber working properly but sometimes espacially when sign-out-in and jabber running  in backgroud . certificate warning appearing again and again .  By the way we have 2 redundant ad server and their certficates are imported in uc nodes. i can understand for 2 times certificate warnings for 2 servers but once we accept them why we are see same warnings again ..

Can you have a look on the certificate details like what certificate, which server, is it valid etc..  before accepting it .

This happened over MRA or locally when user login ? 

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Do you have an internal CA that sign the AD certificates? If so you should not need to have the individual certificates for the AD servers in the trust store of the CM/IMP servers or on the clients. It should be enough to put the CA certificates into these trust stores.

About the global catalog port not working. Have you verified that you have this setup on the AD servers?

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