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Jabber showed Mobile Number on the User Profile

Jonathan Galvez

Hi all,


before to say, that's not possible I just want to be sure. A customer wants that when he click on a contact on jabber the mobile phone number showed.

At the moment and by default jabber shows the following:
- Name
- Status
- URI (Email)
- Office Number


If you click on the green button you will see the mobile number but it is not showed at the profile. They are just going to the contact list and click on a user on the left side, the profile will showed at the right side.

Do someone knows if there is a possibility to add the mobile number to be displayed also there?


Many thanks in advance!



Ahmed Abdulle

Jabber will show the fields defined for users in AD. If your CUCM is integrated with an LDAP directory, the mobile number field will be shown if has been entered.


"If you click on the green button you will see the mobile number but it is not showed at the profile" 

That may be because your user might have created a contact entry in Outlook. Jabber can pull contact details from Outlook. So verify if your user has saved this contact as an entry in Outlook.


Or perhaps, your user might have created a local contact entry in Jabber itself which includes their name and phone number. But the Contact entry pulled via LDAP directory doesn't contain the mobile number. So we may be dealing with two contact entries - one from LDAP and one from somewhere else.


In total, there are 3 places where Jabber pulls contact details: Contacts locally saved in Jabber, contacts saved in Outlook and from an LDAP directory.


Hope that helps.





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