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Soren Williams

Jabber User Always Available

We have a weird situation where one Jabber user is always Available, even when they are logged out. We are running CUPS version and when the user logs out the CUPS server shows them as logged out.

The user has 3 devices attached to them, a 7942 phone, a Softphone and an Extension Mobility profile. We've made sure to log him out of Extension moblity, softphone and physical phone but he still shows as available.

Any help is appreciated.  


I want to be sure we understand what you are saying. If the user logs out of Jabber and you look them up within Presence Viewer on CUP, they appear offline; however, another user in Jabber still sees them as Available?

Hi Jonathan,

That is correct. Presence viewer in CUP shows them offline but all Jabber users show them as online.

i am having the same issues as well. with Jabber for windows 9.7.2 and as well for beta version of jabber


i am at 8.6.2 SU3 presence 8.6 CUCM



the only thing that fixes it is if the user logs out of jabber and back in. It also can be fixed by closing a previous chat window with that user then clicking on the users name again, and then it shows they are offline.(the user that is seeing the person still online).

Andreas Thamm

We had the same problem too. We are using CUCM with CUPS and Jabber for Windows 9.7.2 Build 18938.

What seems to help was to reassign the license capabilities for the user under CUCM / System / Licensing / Capabilities Assignment. After disabling both licenses for "Enable CUP" and "Enable CUPC" and saving, then activating both again, saving and restarting Cisco Tftp Service (CUCM / Cisco Unified Serviceability / Tools / Control Center - Feature Services) the user doesn't come back as "available" user.

Maybe this workaround could be the solution for that problem.

Chris Carlson

Did you ever figure out a solution for this?


Any solution found for this issue?

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